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Fashion is arguably as difficult as chemistry. Of course, fashion and chemistry are two completely different subjects, they have the same base definition. Both require a knowledge of formulas, combinations, and elements that react well together. Just like how the six noble gases do not react with each other, a leather jacket and basketball shorts do not go well or react together. On the other hand, there are combinations in fashion that go together like two hydrogen atoms bond with an oxygen atom, like a polo and some slacks, and a blazer to top it all off.

When it comes to taking any outfit to the next unprecedented level, sunglasses are the way to go. A pair of sunglasses can either make or break the outfit. Often, we find ourselves with extremely expensive sunglasses that take such a huge bite out of our wallets and purses, that we don’t even want to wear them… We would rather just look at them as they rested safely in a glass case, which then leads us to putting on a cheap, flimsy, and poorly crafted pair of sunglasses because if they broke, our bank accounts wouldn’t even notice.

So… Is there a company out there that provides extremely high-quality sunglasses for an affordable price so that we can actually wear the glasses, look good, feel good, and not hand over upwards of $300.00? Well, I’m here to tell you that a company like that does exist, and they just opened their doors for business.

ZOLENOS is bringing the next must have sunglasses to the market. How are we doing that, you may ask? Our artisanal master crafts 100% handmade Italian sunglasses. With that, we want to provide our customers with the most modern designs and the highest quality eyewear, ever. In 2016, Michael Zielinski the owner and founder of ZOLENOS decided to take on the 100 billion dollar sunglasses industry. The idea of crafting new unique styles of sunglasses at a price that makes sense, and at the same time made from quality material.”

ZOLENOS - Italian Sunglasses

“Located in the heart of downtown Chicago, ZOLENOS sees new style trends daily and tries to adapt those styles into their brand. Michael has made it his mission to take ZOLENOS to the top of the sunglasses market. How can we afford to sell the glasses for so little, you may ask? Well, we have taken the direct-to-consumer method and cut out all the middlemen. This way we can sell our sunglasses to you for way less than our high-end competitors do.” – ZOLENOS


Not only does ZOLENOS provide strictly 100% handmade Italian sunglasses with 100% Italian parts for both men and women, but their sunglasses all cost no more than $95.00. Other companies provide sunglasses at different prices because some pairs aren’t as good as others and not everyone can afford the nicer ones. Well, Michael and ZOLENOS seemed to have gotten fed-up with that structure and decided to provide only the highest-quality sunglasses, price them all the same, and make those prices lower than you could’ve expected. They also provide FREE worldwide shipping and a 1-year manufacturing and defect warranty.

“We pride ourselves in quality and that is exactly what you are getting when you buy a pair of ZOLENOS sunglasses. Handcrafted in northern Italy with traditional artisanal techniques, each pair is checked thoroughly after each step is completed. With these glasses being such high quality, what kind of lenses are used? Well, we didn’t want any ordinary plastic lenses that is why we use Carl Zeiss 100% Polarized lenses. Only.”

Why do you need a pair of ZOLENOS? Well, just in case it wasn’t clear…

  1. 100% Handmade Italian sunglasses with 100% Italian arts.
  2. Each pair only costs $95.00.
  3. Free WORLDWIDE shipping.
  4. Lifetime Warranty.
  5. 100% polarized lenses.


Spice up your everyday look and go buy a pair of ZOLENOS!

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